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Kotato & Fukushima Biography


1983 Katsuichi Kotato made as an experiment the Soprano Flute in F and the 34mm inner bore Bass Flute, wider than conventional Bass Flutes. He invented a head joint for low Flutes and achieved big improvements for the volume and good response. In these latter days many other flute makers are being influenced by his invention.


1984 Tetsuo Fukushima joined his work and they built the first Bass Flute for sale.


1985 They established their corporation and called their Logo “Kotato & Fukushima”.

They produced the Bass Flute in F (34mm inner bore) and exhibited their Concert Flute, Bass Flute, Bass Flute in F and Soprano Flute during The Flute Convention in Nagoya, Japan.


1988 Kotato & Fukushima produced the ContraBass Flute (48.8mm inner bore) and took part of the Flute Convention in San Diego, USA.

Development the new Bass Flute in F (48.8 mm inner bore).


1991 Patent of the head joint for low Flutes.


1993 They built the Subcontrabass Flute (78.4 mm inner bore) especially for the beginning of Stravinsky's "Firebird" in the concert of Flute Ensemble "Piacere" led by Katsuichi Kotato.


1997 The assist model (for the right hand) of the Alto Flute was built.


2009 The Contrabass Flute in F was built.


2011 Development of the new Contrabass Flute (58.8mm inner bore)


2013 They exhibited their instruments at The 2013 German Flute Festival in Freiburg, Germany which was their first own exhibition in Europe.

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